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Does anyone believe for a moment that politicians, when among their own kind, don't take shots at their opponents?
The Liberals and other opposition parties are shocked at a sampling of the prime minister's bold rhetoric uttered at what was purportedly a Conservative affair. They're saying this is the other side of Stephen Harper, his evil twin or some such thing.
What exactly do they expect should happen at a party faithful get-together: that they hedge their bets and sheepishly hope for middling support in a coming election?
Comments videotaped at a Tory meeting last week in Sault Ste-Marie, Ont., were leaked publicly Thursday and are sparking righteous indignation among the opposition. The tape captures Harper telling party members that it's critical the Conservatives attain a majority if, as many speculate, an election is called.
At one time you could spill your guts in a roomful of friends and count on it to stay confidential. Now, with electronic gear in most pockets, it's likely to end up on YouTube within hours.
Perhaps it wasn't innocuous talk. There's a diatribe from the prime minister about the potential of "left-wing ideologues" in various institutions compliments of the Liberals.
Opponents also point out that Harper has publicly avoided expressing a desire for a majority win, for fear it would scare off the political centre who fear a Tory majority. Still, we're pretty sure that's what it's all about, political parties go into elections hoping for majorities.
When you're with your own political kind, especially with an election on the horizon, you talk like champions. That's called the power of positive thinking.
It would be surprising to find average Canadian voters shocked and appalled by this brave talk. If indeed an election is called, most will expect all parties to beat their chests and talk derogatorily about the other guys. And by all means, fill your boots, you're allowed to hope for a majority.

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