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Cameron Don
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It's really quite funny when you think of it. Federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has issued a warning to Prime Minister Steven Harper and his Conservative government that the end is nigh. Harper, who is more accustomed to the social awkwardness of Ignatieff's predecessor Stephan Dion, was clearly caught off-guard by Ignatieff's "this-is-it" attitude, later pleading to Canadian's that politics is not a game (but if it were, the stats put the Conservatives and Liberals in a dead-heat for power if an election were called in the fall).
Meanwhile, like a scorned child who's picked last in sports and never asked to go to the dance, NDP leader Jack Layton saw his chance to advance and is sliding up to Harper, saying he'd love to play ball --but Harper has to "reach out" to him and ask.
To good to stoop to the NDP's level, Harper has responded fat-chance.
It's all so similar to the Archie and Jughead comics of our youth, minus Betty and Veronica. Archie gets fed up with Reggie's elitism and tells him to take a hike; meanwhile Jughead Jones is enjoying his day off and the nerdy Dilton sees his chance to hang out with Reggie at Pop Tate's Chocklit Shoppe.
It should be noted, though, Dilton never had a succesful comic series.
Jack Layton, too, will never be Prime Minister. On the political scale he's helped tipped the balance from the left to the right and back again. He's rubbed shoulders with every party in Parliament, only to turn around at some later point and saddle up to the competition. But this time, rather than leap into action like he has prior to the last two elections to create the illusion his party was at the heart of bringing down the government, Jack has smugly told the Conservatives he'll help them, but they have to beg first.
For the most part Canadians appreciate Jack Layton, finding an air of common sense in his banter when things heat up on the Hill. This time, however, he's as malicious as any other party leader whose power has been questioned. It may be a long over due jab as Harper but it still seems out of character.
The time has come for Jack to suffer the same fate as leaders who fail to raise the party's profile following an election and step aside to let some new blood lead the NDP. It's clear this character is no longer interested in saving Pop Tate's Shoppe, otherwise known as Canada.

Organizations: NDP, Conservatives

Geographic location: Canada

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