Changing attitudes vital to our collective future

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If there’s one thing last week’s Ivany Commission report shows us it’s that Nova Scotia has arrived at a tipping point. What we choose to do in the next few years could have a long-term bearing on our future as a province.

The Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy spent considerable time over the last year crisscrossing the province gathering input from almost anyone who had an opinion on the direction this province needs to take. It’s no surprise there isn’t a lot of optimism in where we’re going as a province.

The president of Acadia University and his team of commission members, including John Bragg from Oxford Frozen Foods, have sounded the alarm for change. While it appears as though everyone is prepared to heed the clarion call, the question will soon become are we willing to do what it takes to turn things around – knowing that some of those decisions could be difficult ones.

One of the biggest messages that should come out of the report is ending the ongoing tradition of protecting your turf to the detriment of others. Far too often people have immediately placed self before the greater good when it comes to economic development and prosperity and many others have resisted change because of how it could impact their piece of the pie.

Ivany is correct in that almost every Nova Scotian has a role in changing the course of this province and, quite honestly, we cannot expect our elected politicians to do all the heavy lifting.

Nova Scotians need to read the report’s findings and ask themselves what they can do to be part of the change while governments at all levels need to lead that change. We cannot allow this to become another report left to gather dust on some shelf.

Organizations: Ivany Commission, Nova Scotia Commission on Building, Acadia University Oxford Frozen Foods

Geographic location: Nova Scotia

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Recent comments

  • Doug P.
    February 19, 2014 - 13:08

    This report sounds great but has zero base and substance. Much like any political initiative trying to be all things to everyone. It is a flowery worded half baked list to Santa Clause on behalf of the most government corrupt organizations in existence. I lost count at how many times people in this report complained how much government was making things worse overall for them then in the same breath asked for greater government involvement to fix it. It would be funny if it was not so pathetic. All in all this is a "crisis" report calling for more of the same things that have landed us in one. But what does one expect, politics is sphere of human action where every foolish idea has a chance. They are nothing more than blind carpenters with guns who claim to be fixing everything . Once you you free your mind to accept what they are, you can enjoy the healthiest attitude any sane minded person can have. If it was an honest report, it would only need one sentence: all levels of government are the problem not the solution. How can it be so simple? Easy, purposeful complication helps cover up what it is they actually do vs. what they say they do.