Fat Boy Slimmer: Week 19 - 193.6

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AMHERST - Well, well, well. Three holes in the ground. Fat Boy Slimmer comes to an end. Finally. I managed a mini-burst of enthusiasm this last week with a loss of two-point-two pounds. From a starting weight of 215.6, the scale Monday said 193.6. Twenty-two pounds even.

Not a runaway success by any means. The starting ambition was 40 pounds, and I fell far short of that. For weeks I wallowed just below 200, only getting my tookis in gear in the final month.

Thanks to a strong start and a solid finish, though – and never allowing myself to completely throw in the towel when I was in the doldrums – I ended up with a decent final number.

How much I keep off is far more important than how much I lost, however.

The nice thing about a big number like 40 pounds is that it gives you a new lease. Even if bad habits return, it’s a lot of cushion. But 22 pounds, heck, I could eat that back in a couple of months.

Maybe I won’t, though. I love cookies and Aero bars, ice cream and cake, sure. But I actually kind of like the leaner me, too. So here’s the plan moving forward: my new weight ceiling is 200 pounds. I’m going to weigh myself each week, and the day I step on the scale and it says 200 pounds or more, I go into diet mode to bring it back down under 195.

My eating needs to improve. I’ve lived on granola bars and single-serving snacks for months. It was easy to count calories that way. Now I need to start eating moderate portions of real, fresh food, and I need to get my lazy carcass off the couch.

I’d still like to lose more weight. But from now on that struggle will be between me, the scale, and Mr. Cherry Garcia.


Eric Sparling is an Amherst Daily News reporter, and former senior editor at Oxygen, a women’s fitness magazine. He wants to pass along his thanks for reading Fat Boy Slimmer, and hopes to return with a new column in the future.

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