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Viking Vibe

Students at Amherst Regional High School are going to start sharing the “Viking Vibe” with the rest of the greater Amherst community. 

Over the past several years several things have happened in the world of teaching English:  (1) students want their writing to matter and (2) students think no one wants to hear what they have to say. 

This project is going to provide an opportunity for students to write about what is important in their lives, current events, opinions and events. 

Thankfully, the Amherst News has agreed to give these students a forum in which to write: the newspaper. 

When asked what this writing assignment will do, student Danielle Young said, “they (the readers) need to know the stereotypes aren’t true.” This statement was followed up by fellow student Caleb Hayes, “we have a lot going on. It’s important people see that and maybe they will even come out to some of our events and see what we do.” 

The goal of the project is to empower students and offer new perspectives to readers.  Here is week one. 

There will be articles every week up to and including the first week in June, when students must prepare for exams. Until that time please read and enjoy what our students have to say.

Teacher, Lesley Parliament-Taylor


Grade 12 takes final baskets

By Andrea Comeau

AMHERST – ARHS JV senior girl’s basketball team captain Andrea Comeau gets ready to hang up her Vikettes’ jersey for the last time. The team heads off to New Glasgow this Saturday for regionals.

“I joined basketball when I was in Grade 4, and was on my first team in Grade 5 at Cumberland North Academy.” Comeau begins to tell us, “I can’t even believe I’m in Grade 12 now and the season is so close to ending.”

She played on the Junior Varsity team from Grade 9 to 12.

Comeau tells us about the Vikettes upcoming weekend with regionals.

“The teams going are Truro CEC, Northumberland and North Nova. There isn’t going to be much competition with CEC or Northumberland, but when we played North Nova about two weekends ago they beat us by six, so that should be a good and intense game!”

Even though this season and her high school basketball career has come to a close, Comeau says she’s looking forward to other future opportunities with basketball.

“Basketball makes me pretty emotional, this won’t be end for me” states Comeau.


ARHS Vikette’s hit the road for Regionals

By Ashley MacEachern

AMHERST – The ARHS JV girls basketball team travelled to New Glasgow this past Saturday for regionals. They had to win both games in order to proceed to provincials taking part next weekend.

Saturday morning, the girls first game was at 11 o’clock versus Northumberland JV, finishing with a 60-21 win for the Vikettes.

Although the following 2:30 p.m. game wasn’t as satisfying, finishing off with a 44-38 loss against the host team, North Nova JV.


AMHERST –  Emotions are running high this time of year for the three seniors on Amherst Regional iHHHHHHHHHigh Schools Vikettes basketball team. With the season coming to a close, the three girls are realizing how different it is going to be without each other next year.

Danielle Young, Lauren MacEachern, and Ashley MacEachern have been playing basketball for five years and have five provincial titles under their belts and are hoping to have a sixth next weekend at provincials in Hants East.

“We have been together for so long and have accomplished so much it is sad to think that we will be playing against one another next year” said MacEachern. The girls will be attending separate universities in the fall with Young playing for Mount Saint Vincent University, and both MacEachern girls playing for Mount Allison University.

The future is bittersweet for these ladies as their high school careers come to a close, but they are eager to see what their futures hold.


Senior concert band trip

By Brianna Eaton

AMHERST – Coming up May 1st the Amherst Regional High School senior concert band will be taking their annual trip to Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, NS where they will perform at the music festival for a ranking of gold, silver, or bronze.

Music instructor and teacher, Stephanie Mizuik, has brought gold upon the band for the past two years with her dedication and hard work. Roughly every three years the band will take a trip outside of the Canadian border to perform. Last year in particular the band travelled to Boston, MA and were not only awarded firstplace with a superior ranking but, also the “L’esprit du Corps” award for best overall band. To most of the band members this was a much more satisfying achievement as it represents the bands good nature during performance and outside of performance. 

This year the band will be performing three pieces for the festival; National Emblem, Ye Banks And Braes  O’Bonnie Doon, and Cross Creek. Currently these are in progress of completion and surely with a ranking of superior last year the band will be able to pull off another amazing performance once again. Good luck to the band!


Dessert theatre a huge hit

By Erika Ferguson

AMHERST – Last week the youth group hit the stage for the 34th annual dessert theatre. This took off the week of the 20th to 24th of February.

This year’s theme is on the 2014 Sochi Olympics called "OH Whimpics."

Don Miller out did himself with a full set of skits and two dance numbers this year. With great reviews from last year’s performance and desserts many people were excited to see what the youth group put together for this year. Tickets sold fast making Friday night and Sunday night sold out. The desserts severed were blueberry cheesecake, brownie with ice cream and lemon angel food cake.


The work to get the best show possible is not as delicious as the desserts. These four days take a lot of hard work in prepping and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Practices started in late January and the actors have practiced every week to make sure they know all their lines and dance steps. With a great turn out every night the youth group knew that all their hard work has paid off!

All the proceeds that the dessert theater makes goes towards the year end trip to white point making sure everybody has the chance to get there! 


Adjusting to rule changes can be difficult

By Kailey Kane

AMHERST – As the hockey players move from novice to junior the rules and 

regulations change.

They go from a whistle every two minutes to tell them to change to changing on the fly. One minute you’re all chasing the puck next minute you’re running plays and skating with you’re head up because your playing contact hockey.

You go from everyone wearing cages to wearing a visor worrying about their teeth.

One team you could be the star player and another team your riding the pine. As much as the game may change hopefully the love for it never will.













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