Airborne sharks can kill you

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Friday. Sweet, sweet Friday. How we love thee.

I’m not gonna write much today, but I have lots of cool links for you, starting with this: What I suspect is the most amazing movie ever made -

I haven’t seen it, but man would I. Just the title deserves big box office.

More about big animals that come from the sea, only there’s nothing funny about this link:

So what are we going to do about it? I know I won’t go to a marine park that imprisons – yes, I used that word – cetaceans. And I’d like to see an MP lobby to make the practice illegal, period.

Here’s something tough on crime legislators never tell you:

I know, American stats. But the point is still relevant: as legislators in free countries across the West take away more and more rights in the name of public safety, it’s important to research actual numbers: Are we in more danger? Sure, I’m all for being tougher on specific types of crimes or criminals, but that’s not the same as the blanket fear-inducing sloganeering spread by politicians, typically from the right.

Speaking of policing overreach, here’s a chilling story:”/

In case you have a spare $500k and want to one-up your neighbor – “She thinks she’s so great getting a magician for her brat kid’s birthday party!” – you might want to call-in some star power:

And finally, don’t get sidetracked by the whole “who do these non-Canadians think they’re doing trying to change us?” thing, their fundamental complaint is absolutely right: The monarchy is ridiculous -

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