Marois was right...sorry, I mean wrong

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Lots of headlines catching my eye this morning.

A retired McGill prof says some UFO sightings are the real deal. Doesn’t call the proof conclusive but says the weight of the evidence favours that view:

Here’s the thing, though. While I absolutely believe life exists elsewhere in the universe, the universe is a really big place. The idea advanced intelligent life exists close enough to pop in for a visit is far-fetched, if not impossible. Add to that the complete failure of our camera-obsessed culture to capture any definitive image of a UFO or its passengers, plus the failure of SETI to detect any transmissions from space, and I think the weight of the evidence clearly falls on the side of skepticism.

What little I saw of McFarlane’s performance, I liked:

I remember being on the fence about whether the breast song was over the line. I mean, here are these accomplished women being the butt of a joke because of their bodies. But then again, Hollywood is big business, and an actor’s physical appearance is part of the brand s/he sells. It’s hard to see a multi-millionaire who commands an audience everywhere he or she goes as a victim when they’ve made the conscious decision to reveal themselves to a worldwide audience.

Senate reform needs to happen, of course:

I don’t know that abolishing the senate would be in the best interests of this province. The senate was created specifically to represent regional interests in a way that gave smaller populations bigger voices – not particularly democratic, granted, but an advantage for the small Maritime province. (Of course, that advantage only exists if the senators actually represent where they’re from – elections would help this.) The issue I really want to touch on, though, is of high-profile journalists accepting unelected, lofty positions. They shouldn’t.

In my adult life, it started with Adrienne Clarkson being GG. Then we had Michaelle Jean. The senate has Duffy and Wallin.

Journalists who want to take more direct action can seek election. But accepting unelected power runs counter to everything a journalist should stand for. In a sense, these four people have taken their life’s work and forever tarnished it so they could play oligarch.

Hey, don’t hurt your foot – it won’t get fixed:

This is funny on at least two levels ( ): the hypocrisy of students living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, enjoying a level of access to education only found in the wealthiest nations, many if not most of them the product of middle class homes, enraged about even the most modest increases to the lowest tuition in the country; and the always good for a laugh PQ, who have discovered, surprise, surprise, the mob listens to no one and no thing but their own sense of entitlement.

Listen, my impression is this website has is own agenda and you may want to factor that in when you read this:

Even so, isn’t a time of societal breakdown precisely when having a firearm might be a good idea? I appreciate that the authorities might not like it, but how effective do we really think the rule of law was in post-Katrina New Orleans? My guess, it was every man for themselves, and a person with a family to take care of probably would have been better off with a rifle slung over her shoulder.

Some millionaires do this:

And some billionaires do this:

Too bad the financial resources of the one couldn’t be switched with the other.

Heard of these guys? Well now you have.

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