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You know Fred Willard. He’s the comedian who always plays whacky idiots in mockumentaries. My favourite performance by him is in Best in Show, where he was the television commentator at the national dog show.

Apparently he was caught recently in an adult movie theatre doing something allegedly “lewd” in the relative privacy of the darkness. What really happened? Willard has tweeted, something “much more PG” and he intends to defend himself in court: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/07/24/fred-willard-s-proposed-sex-education-program-would-wipe-his-slate-clean.html

My take on it is, who cares? And not because it’s a minor celebrity story, but because the idea of vice cops patrolling porn cinemas for lone people ‘enjoying’ the show is an utterly absurd waste of public resources, and, honestly, not the government’s business. It’s a porn theatre, for the love of god! What does society think happens in a theatre like that?

Willard’s a funny guy, and there’s no indication he’s ever harmed anyone. Willard shouldn’t feel humiliated – the vice cop should. Can you imagine any more ridiculous task than being required to interrupt people in the midst of that?

Speaking of government overreach, a petition with signatures from 112,500 Ontarians has been given to that province’s government asking that alcohol be legal for sale from corner stores: http://www.thestar.com/opinion/editorialopinion/article/1231152--ontarians-want-modern-alcohol-retailing

This is a no brainer. We don’t need a government monopoly on alcohol. Sell it at corner stores, and take a step further: we need to legalize home distilling, like New Zealand (http://stillspirits.com/nz/filters/stills/turbo-air-still.html). 

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